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Finding An Emergency Dentist In Salem, OR

CrisDental Has Emergency Dentist Onsite If dental pain is keeping you up at night or if you cannot get through the work day without taking pain killers, you may need an emergency dentist. However, it is not always easy to find emergency dental care in Salem OR. Sometimes, people have to call countless dental offices before they find one that has an open appointment or before they can find one that is able to work with their insurance provider. Luckily, you can get all the urgent dental care that you need from the team at Crisdental. Whether you need a tooth extraction or emergency root canal treatment, the professionals at Crisdental are ready to assist you.

At Crisdental, we focus on providing top notch care for our patients. We want our patients to feel the compassion that they deserve, and we want to make them comfortable about getting dental care. At our Salem OR office, we focus on all aspects of dental care from routine to emergency, and we serve clients from children to adults. Our experience means that we understand how important emergency dental care is. To that end, we devote blocks of our schedule everyday to our emergency patients. That means that whether you are a new client or someone who has been coming to us for years, we will probably be able to get you Salem urgent dental care when you need it the most.

Emergency Root Canal

To help you on your journey, we have a team of dedicated professionals. Most of our clients find our staff to be supportive, helpful, and welcoming. This is true whether our clients are speaking to the receptionists or to the dentists themselves. When you call our office to make an appointment for an emergency root canal or a tooth extraction, the receptionist may ask you a few questions about what you have been experiencing. The answers to those questions will help our staff to determine what kind of treatment that you need.

In Need Of Urgent Dental Care

When you arrive at our office for your emergency dental care in Salem, you will love how simple our paperwork is, and you will love how knowledgeable our staff is about insurance coverage and payment plans. In fact, you can even print our forms from our website so that you can fill them out before you reach the office. Once those details have been taken care of, you will be directed to our office. In many cases, our emergency patients will choose between tooth extraction and root canal treatment. Our dental team will help counsel you through that decision or any other decisions that you may need to make. With the right education, you can rest assured that you will always make the best decision for your mouth.


If your smile is in pain, the team at Crisdental is ready to help you. We offer emergency dental care to anyone who lives in Salem OR or any of the surrounding communities.

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